Apple’s New iPhone Has Been Delayed Due To Less Supply Of Materials

Apple is responsible for the health or mortal sickness of the cottage industry of companies that make parts for iPhones or assemble them. It turns out Apple can can also be hurt by the interconnected supply chain, and arch rival Samsung is positioned to inflict the most pain.

There is evidence of a little Apple trap in a recent Bloomberg News colleagues’ article about expectations for the next iPhone models. On tap starting this spring will be a shift from two new versions of the iPhone to three. The two expected in Apple’s typical September launch window will be updated versions of the iPhone 7 and its larger-screen sibling, the iPhone 7 Plus.

The big deal for this year – the 10th anniversary of the iPhone – is a drastically different new phone with a more vibrant type of screen and extra real estate thanks to slimmer frames around the edges. Wall Street has already grown excited that this reimagined iPhone will set off a rush of people splurging for a cool new iPhone with a big ticket price.

Oh, but wait. Literally.


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