Blog reader whose husband is giving a hard time with official divorce cries out

Blog reader whose husband is giving a hard time with official divorce cries out<!–


A blog reader needs our advice on a very vital issue. Please read her mail below…

“Please I need your help.

I got married at the Registry last year, everything was very well and good before and months after the registry.

But things took a bad turn since October, 2016. The issues have involved family members and now everything seem to be scattered because my husband himself has not spoken with me since October not until January this year when he told me that I should move on with my life.

I demanded for the marriage certificate which he has used over there (USA) to process somethings and he said what do I need it for and that he is not giving it back.

I have loved and still love this man but things have gotten extremely bad that I don’t think it can work out again. I just want the marriage certificate so I can use it to process my divorce papers (Since that looks like the only option left).

I feel cheated by him and I just want to get back marriage certificate because I’m sure he must be using it for his own gain over there. He is in the US Army and there are a lots of advantage for them especially if they have a spouse.

I have prayed, fasted and hoped that things will be better but it obvious he has made up his mind.



I really wish I could type all the details here. Right now, I don’t even know how to accept another man’s proposal because it’s hard to explain that I have been married before and all the story surrounding it.

Please I just need your help and advice.”


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