Nigeria Police Found documents in Senator Goje’s Home Concerning Sheikh Ja’afar’s Murder

– Nigeria Police found documents in Senator Danjuma Goje’s home concerning Sheikh Ja’afar Adam’s murder – But the files are already in the public domain – Sheikh Ja’afar is a popular Islamic cleric whose assassination has still not been resolved A report by Premium Times indicates that the documents the Nigeria Police found in the home of Senator Danjuma Goje concerning the murder of Sheikh Ja’afar Adam are already in the public domain. The Nigerian Police had on Thursday, April 27 said apart from the millions of cash it found in the Asokoro residence of Goje, documents including ”a file containing write-ups on how Governor Shekarau plotted the assassination of Sheikh Ja’afar” were retrieved from the residence. Some of the senator’s aides said they were shocked by the police claim. “The senator has made it clear he had nothing to do with the alleged documents on the murder of Sheikh Ja’afar,” one of them, Abbas Saleh, said.
He said what the police found was a printout of a report published by Sahara Reporters in 2009. “It is therefore something that has been in public domain,” Mr. Saleh said. Speaking to the Hausa service of the BBC via his spokesperson, Sule Ya’u, the former governor said he suspected that the document the police said they found in Goje’s house was an old one written by the then Kano state opposition camp to unfairly blame him for the murder of the cleric. “I also have that document. Several other people here in Kano also have it and I am sure it is the the same document that former Governor Goje also has. If it is a different one, the police should come out and explain to Nigerians,” he said. Sheikh Ja’afar was gunned down inside a mosque as he observed the early morning prayer on April 13, 2007.
Opinions were divided at the time as to those behind the murder. While, some belief the Sheikh was killed by the extremist group, Boko Haram, many others said Shekarau, governor of Kano at the time, might be behind the murder because the cleric was one of his major critics. Boko Haram never claimed responsibility for the murder and the police are yet to inform Nigerians on how far it has gone in investigating those behind crime. Meanwhile, the Sokoto branch of Jibwis Nigeria, has asked Senator Goje to give a vivid and convincing explanation about how, when and why the documents where found in his home. In a statement signed by Anas Muhammad Sani, the group asked the senator some vital questions:
. What’s your connection with the said documents – the killing in other words? 2. In what capacity are the documents in your disposal? 3. For how long do you intend to reserve the documents had it been police didn’t raid your house? 4. Were you part of the brutal assassination?

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