‘I regret meeting Efe (BBNAIJA WINNER)’ – LailasBlog reader vents

Mail I received from one of us yesterday, guys alleging that Big Brother Naija winner, Efe Ejeba was rude to fans who approached him for photos.

Aunty Laila!!! I nor know who send me message ooo… I did what I don’t fancy doing (taking pictures with celebs) today and regretted it.

I just try my best gather liver, carry my 2 left left leg say I wanna snap with Efe, naso the guy gimme yawa ooo…

He was at Africa Independence Television (AIT) for Kaakaki program and showed his arrogant and rude nature. Remembering that I also voted him hurts me even more.


I felt so embarrassed dat I took myself out of the studio sharp sharp so I didn’t snap. He even told a fan that he didn’t come for photo session.

I would like you to post this so that he can see dat he’s beginning to hurt his fans.

Even if he didn’t want to snap, he could have acted/sounded politely. I no wan think am.

Anyways, its a lesson 4 me. As from today, I’m just a fan of myself and family, no one else. I understand he’s a busy guy now but he was very rude to me and other people… I mean, very very rude.

Issorite… I’m good. How una dey Lailans?



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