Sergio Ramos: How Much Morinho Helped Real Madrid Win Champions League Titles 

Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos, has agreed with Jose Mourinho’s recent comments, that he helped turn the La Liga side into Champions League contenders.

The Manchester United manager made his comments to Portuguese newspaper Expresso, where he added he is “terrible at picking teams”.

“I’m really bad at picking teams. Inter Milan were in big trouble. Real Madrid were in big trouble. Manchester United in big trouble.

“What does big trouble mean? It means that they are teams that want to win but are thousands of miles away from winning.

“The captain of Real Madrid [Sergio Ramos], who lifted the trophy just the other day and who is now a three-time European champion, had never played in a Champions League quarter-final when I arrived at Real Madrid in 2010,” Mourinho.

Madrid have won three Champions League trophies since Mourinho left in 2013.

And Ramos told Marca: “It is true what he says.

“When he arrived we started to pass the quarter-finals and now we have three Champions League.

“In my career I have learned from each coach, some more than others.”

Mourinho failed to win the Champions League during his time at Real Madrid, but has won it twice in his star-studded career.


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