Why These Zipped Jeans Are Splitting Opinion And Might Leave You Feeling A Little Breezy Around The Bottom

First we had Topshop’s see-through denim moment, with their clear plastic jeans giving girls an opportunity to parade in their pants once more, now that hot pants aren’t really a ‘thing’.

Then those knee pad jeans got everyone talking, with plenty of people having their say over a trend that most of us really, really could’t understand. Unfortunately for Toppers, their clear denim ambition didn’t really catch on, as I (thankfully) have yet to spot seeing anyone sport this style.

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But now denim trends have escalated to an equally controversial style, the zip. We aren’t talking about your bog standard fly zip here, oh no, but a full on WRAP AROUND one from crotch to bottom.

It all started when Parisian label Vetements collaborated with denim brand Levi’s , a pair of £1,295 jeans literally designed to show off your undies from behind (check out Vetement’s instagram to show HOW much skin can be shown off, if desired). A version of these are now available from Reformation for a cooler $148 , but still an obscene amount of money just to show off some butt.


Our verdict? I don’t hate these as much as I should. Worn fully zipped up, these jeans don’t extend to much more than an edgy design, slightly odd but not too offensive.

It’s the practicality that baffles me with these, what if the zip breaks? Would they be comfortable to sit down in?


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